Amateur Radio School Code Courses

by Jerry Ziliak, KB6MT (SK)

Now available on Cassette Tape,   MP3-CD   or   Audio CD (4 disk set)

High Speed Code

Learn code from scratch through 21 words per minute with one course.

Learning code is easy with Jerry Ziliak's High Speed Code Course. The three tapes start you out at Ground Zero! Slowly letters join to other letters until you are making words right and left. The code is sent at 21 words a minute with long pauses between letters. The pauses then start getting shorter and shorter until before you know it ... YOU HAVE ARRIVED!

High Speed Words

Know the code?
But... still writing it down?
You will learn to copy in your head with Jerry's WORD course!

The three tapes in this course teach WORDS which are sent at HIGH SPEED. After a while the WORDS are joined to other WORDS to make SENTENCES. Jerry's WORD tapes will help you go from 10 to 30 words a minute in a very short time. There is NOTHING TO WRITE DOWN.

Give us a call today and we'll get a set out to you.

          Sorry, WORD Course no longer available on Cassette Tape.

   Priced at $19.95 per course for cassette tapes or MP3 CDs, plus shipping.
             $29.95 per course for Audio 4-CD sets, plus shipping.
    Each course contains 4 l/2 hours of instruction.
Shipping charge for MP3-CD orders is $3.50 when shipped via First Class Mail, $7 when shipped via Priority Mail.
We charge $7.00 for shipping CODE TAPES and Audio CD Sets via Priority Mail. There is no additional shipping charge when CODE TAPES or CDs are included with VIS Study Cards orders.
For Priority Mail Express 1-Day shipments, the charge is $30.00. A $2.00 weight surcharge is added on orders included with VIS Study Cards orders.


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