Welcome Friends and Fellow Hams to our New Web Site!

With the garage finished, we have moved on to the kitchen area!

 first we finished the pantry... except for the door...
 oh... and the floor...   and it's stocked ! ! !                          New Pantry

...as of September 2, 2017 ! ! !

So now... we've taken out the wall between the old and new... and as expected, nothing lines up.   But we have started on the kitchen... The freezer and refridgerator compartment is done and we're on to the ramp...   The New Year 2018 should see lots of progress.

 The Booth/Trailer worked out really super ! ! !     but now it's Back to Basics !     The Commercial exams are done so we are catching up... slowly...

 Next up - we'll be getting the Commercial Paperless Study Cards under way !

 If you call and we don't answer... we're probably out working on one project or another.   Just leave a message, we'll return your call when we come in the next time.

 Our 2008 Dayton-Rochester-Cambridge-Los Angeles-Alaska Trip was a great fun... !

 Now that we'll be travelling much less, we'll work on posting the pictures from our trip...
 As we took over 1500 pictures, we'll be writing a program to automate the posting. Check back after Christmas for all the new ones.

Click "VIS HOME" to view the trip pictures.

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Mid September 2013 marked the completion of 25 years in the "Ham Radio" business. In that time we have made many friends across the country and scattered around the world. We started with the VIS Study Cards, a flash card system developed by Carolyn, N5MUU, for a quick and easy way to study theory, and while still publishing the VIS Study Cards, we also published SAM Amateur Radio Callsign Database for 14 years and through the years we became the largest independent dealer in the USA for NCG/COMET Antennas, Vibroplex keys, and Arrow Antennas.
  We have begun a new phase, returning to the simpler days of VIS Study Cards. Now, with KB6MT - Amateur Radio School Code Courses on CD and a few keys from Vibroplex and MFJ, we will concentrate on helping Hams, new and old, to advance their skils and enjoy this hobby as we have for over 60 years.  

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Schedule for 2018...

With our greatly reduced product line and increased involvement in other activities, our schedule has been cut way back. This year we are planning only seven hamfests.  Additionally, we recognize the situation of our recent health problems and the need to devote more time to finishing Carolyn's new kitchen...
progress photos can be viewed on the Start page.


We currently
have attended or plan to attend... -  HamCation (Orlando) FL,  BirmingHAMfest, AL,  Charlotte (Concord) NC,  Mobile AL,  HamCom Dallas (Irving) TX,  Huntsville AL,  The Greater Clarke-Washington Counties Fair, Jackson AL,  and  Montgomery AL ...
We will update this list as they are confirmed or otherwise!

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