Welcome Friends and Fellow Hams to our other project!

With the garage finished, we have moved on to the kitchen area!

 first we finished the pantry... and it's stocked ! ! !


So now... we've taken out the wall between the old and new...
  and as expected, nothing lines up.     But we have started on the kitchen...
     The freezer and refrigerator compartment is done and 6 Months later ...     * * * we have a ramp * * *
. . . . Plus a counter and four wall cabinets! ...with three base cabinets on the other side.

Ramp - SW view
South Wall  

...as of May 1, 2020 ! ! !

And the first board is up on the West wall ! ! !

September 2017 marked the beginning of our 30th year!
We now have VIS Study Cards for all Amateur Radio License Classes
FCC - Commercial Radio Operator License Program licenses and endorsements.
We cover Morse Code training with Jerry Ziliak KB6MTSK  Code Courses
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 * * *  New Amateur Extra Question Pool is out...
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 If you call and we don't answer... we're probably out working on one project or another.   Just leave a message, we'll return your call when we come in the next time.
 Our 2008 Dayton-Rochester-Cambridge-Los Angeles-Alaska Trip was great fun... !

 Now that we'll be travelling much less, we'll work on posting the pictures from our trip...
 As we took over 1500 pictures, we're writing a program to automate the posting. Check back after Christmas for all the new ones.

Click "VIS HOME" to view the trip pictures.

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